Canon 7D noise at ISO 100

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I think you added the noise.

aberdeenstore wrote:

I just came back from a trip and am surprised at the amount of noise in the images, all shot in RAW at ISO 100. Is there anything I should be doing differently, or this a normal symptom of shooting with this camera?

I'm concerned that the noise is so bad that I don't even have to zoom in on images to notice. Here

But not intentionally. It looks to me you tried to sharpen the image in raw. Or the default sharpness is in raw is set too high. I find sharpening in raw editors adds this type of noise. (To test this, shoot raw and jpg, then after you output your raw file to jpg then compare the two images, if the out of camera jpg looks better, it is a problem in your raw workflow using too much sharpening.

It does depend on the raw editor (you should have listed it). I would turn sharpening off, make sure noise reduction is set up correctly in your raw editor, look at the image then after it has been converted to jpg.

Then use photoshop or another program to sharpen to taste using unsharp mask or a dedicated sharpener that does not introduce halos like Topaz or similar. Good luck.

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