Canon SX50 In over my head ?

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Felix John
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Re: Canon SX50 In over my head ?

Foxsmum wrote:

Hello I have today taken delivery of a nice new Canon SX50 - I have read the manual and feel so out of my depth, I wonder if I have jumped in feet first.

I am used to a Panasonic TZ30 and just used to point and shoot, but the settings on the Canon seem like a minefield to me

I was wondering if anyone here would be kind enough to tell me some settings so I can at least try and get used to the camera, just what works for you some basic settings so I can take some shots- What works for you ?

I'm sorry if it daft to ask, but right now its how I feel

Many Thanks

Trust me, I'm right there with you. As is 2 steps below novice. But I just found a great post for folks like us. One of the members here, Stephen, is writing an e-book, not just on the SX50 (well, actually it is), but on the very basics of photography... I think you & others (like me), may find it extremely usefull... Stephen, thank you.

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