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Re: Metering question?

Stuntflyer wrote:

Nikon D600 and D5100 are taking the same photo of a person indoors under the same incandescent light at the same time of day without a flash. The D5100 is using the 35mm Nikkor f/1.8 lens and the D600 is using the Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 lens. Both cameras are set to aperture priority using f/1.8. Both cameras are set to use auto ISO.

1. Would both cameras meter the same ISO?

1. Would both shots be at the same shutter speed?

2. If not, why?

Not necessarily, for various reasons:

If the scene is not exactly identical in every way, the overall brightness seen by the cameras may be somewhat different. Nikons have matrix metering which overrides the ISO standard metering equations somewhat.

While both lenses are set at the same f/stop the actual light transmission of both are almost certainly different. Cinematographers use t/stops to calculate exposure, which takes into consideration the amount of light transmission of the particular lens.

There may also be slight variations on image processing between the two cameras. Also, the camera settings may be different.

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