Taking pictures in a light house - colour problems

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Re: Taking pictures in a light house - colour problems

Automatic White Balance is one of the most important technical features in modern digital cameras, for it attempts to subtract out the color of light so that neutral objects (white, gray, or black) appear to be neutral in the final image. For example, the color of incandescent lighting tends to be yellow, while the color of light in full shade is quite blue. Automatic white balance then would attempt to subtract out the yellow or blue depending on circumstance.

If you have lots of brightly colored flowers in the scene, then the camera may actually try to subtract out that color, turning them more gray in color.

This feature often doesn’t work very well, which is why many photographers use a neutral card so as to manually set the camera’s white balance.

Your camera might also be doing other things, such as setting the color saturation automatically.

If you could share some photos with us, and let us know your camera model, then perhaps we could help you more.

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