Couple of XE-1 shots where NOTHING whatsoever is in focus

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Re: Couple of XE-1 shots where NOTHING whatsoever is in focus

OK first, I do remember this issue being discussed in a couple of places on the internet regarding the X10 and like I said, it did happen to me a couple of times when I shot for a few days with an X10.

The two shots that I did today each show subject matter ranging from about 10 feet away, to infinity. In looking at one of them, I can see that the clouds in the sky are also out of focus, so the camera did not focus on infinity. For that matter, I think that if it was focused on something closer to me than the nearest subject matter in the scene, I would at least see the subject matter that's 10 feet away looking a bit sharper than what is out there towards infinity. Strangely though, everything appears to be out of focus by about the same amount (if that makes sense). It is the same thing that might happen if I had not been holding the camera steady, however I will reiterate, the shots were both done at 1/400s and I most definitely WAS holding the camera very steady. As a matter of fact, in one of the two instances, I did some multiple shots of the same scene and all other shots before and after the out of focus one were just fine.

I HAVE considered that the OIS is at fault but I never do use it incontinuous mode. It's engaged only when I half press the shutter release. Yes this has been happening with the zoom as I have used it pretty much exclusively since purchasing it.

Yes, I am very slow and deliberate when focusing and I always make sure I focus on something tangible and wait for the green indication to appear.

Somehow I think there is something in the Fuji AF systems that causes this from time to time, being that it did happen with the X10. BTW a google search on X10 out of focus will bring resulting discussions on its issue with this. If I figure anything out, I will report it here since some of you seem very interested.

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