Being coerced to shoot a wedding. I need HELP! Please chime in.

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Well you have to start somewhere. I have covered five weddings now. i only have a Canon 60D and I expect your gear is as good if not better than mine. It is all about setting things up first and then take every candid and spur of the moment shot you can. They are often the best. I encourage the guests to take as many pictures as they like. If you have a meltdown then at least someone may have got the shot. However, I make sure that those guests that are taking shots keep out of the way. You are the official photographer. Like you I have a fair bit of actual experience with a camera but take no chances. In particular check out the lighting and backgrounds of the ceremony room (church) and reception area. Think about where the sun will be for outside shots. Plan, plan and then plan again. Have a spare camera handy.

As to how much to charge - I think a first time effort for a friend might be quite low (depends how well you know them and how well off they are). i would be reluctant to go below $500. This is going to take a least ten days of your life.

I am self taught and you may not think much of my shots but take a look at some of these - they may help.!i=1695706398&k=KrRML7f

He is asking for help to get out of it, not to be talked into it.

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