Anyone own A99 and A77

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Re: Anyone own A99 and A77

Galaxy IIII

I have D800, 5D3 and A77. I believe, after having read all your threads, A99 will suit you more than any other two brands in terms of image quality and video capability. EVF is an annoying thing to people like me usng OVF for decades. However, once you start, you can barely go back. Along with EVF, autofocusing for video shooting, GeoTagging from in build GPS and many others are unique features found on A99. The lens lineup is adequte. You may complain about the battery life but....if you turn on live view on D800, the battery is much shorter.

GalaxyIII wrote:

There have been very many wonderful and enlightening comments and helpful suggestions. Thank you very much. Most have been focused specifically on my interests and issues.

Ive said more than a few times I have no interest in going Pro, or making any money or trying to make any money, but have found people focusing in on that, in their efforts to help me.

Ive notice that most of those people are also new here and wonder if they are just trying to get their post count up and really didn't read more than just my topic .

I don't believe anyone has been malicious. It's just that their input had no relevance to my interests.

At this point I am 90% sure that the A99 will fit my needs. At this point I am not clear on the price. Not so much because the price is 2800 dollars. But , I don't want to buy it right now, because if what many are saying ( The price is high ), But because its possible it might just drop after the Christmas surge. Some might say 10K is a good budget to start with, and I think its a nice amount to get in to a New hobby and enjoy my retirement. IM not one to throw money away, IM a smart shopper, that's why I'm here to make sure I don't make a mistake.. I want to avoid the " I wish I bought what I should have bought in the first place." If I could get in with 5K I would.. But , this place is not my only source of research.

Someone on this forum mentioned the red video button on the A77, and that its physical position on the camera was poorly designed. This is from a person who was trying to help me. ( one of those Newbies here trying to get their post count up

Even I know that the latest A77 firmware, locks that record button out in the menu so you cant accidentally turn it on.

With my research and the helpful advice from many here, IM confident I'm on the right track...

Thank you all very much.

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