Mark ll,6D, or 5D that is the question ?

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Re: Mark ll,6D, or 5D that is the question ?

Rexgig0 wrote:

I agree with GMussio regarding "the clumsy pad built into the wheel" on the 6D. That, and the contour of the thumb-rest area turned me against the 6D's handling qualities, and the lack of a second memory card slot was the third strike. Three strikes are not arbitrary, in my mind, but a camera or other tool had better have some really big redeeming qualities to overcome three negative traits, and the 6D does not.

For the money, I would rather have a 5D Mark II, and use the remainder for something else. My actual "road map" at this point, however, is to acquire a 5D Mark III sometime after May 2013.

I place a big emphasis on handling qualities, at least in part because some cameras apply torque, in a painful way, to my right wrist, when I am using my left hand for something other than supporting the camera. When a larger lens and/or flash unit is in place, this becomes even more important, and I routinely use a 100mm 2.8L Macro and 580EX II at work, often while holding a light in my left hand, during night shooting. The contour pf the thumb rest area, coupled with the area where the right fingertips engage the front, is so very important to my ability to hand-hold a camera for extended periods. (Letting the camera hang by a strap allows it to clash with the equipment on my duty belt; "photographer" is just one of my job titles.)

Pardon the rambling way of saying the 6D's handling was a disappoitment! I could have just said that it handles like a Rebel. main concerns were price obviously and noise uo to ISO 6400. I cannot imagine a need to go highrt than ISO 6400 !

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