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WilbaW wrote:

Topaz wrote:

There's literally no such thing as exposure compensation in manual mode. Exposure compensation is a setting (usually controlled by the rear dial) that only applies to automatic and semi-automatic modes: P, Av, and Tv. The point is to override the exposure that was automatically computed by the camera.

Your confusing how you do it with what it is. The last sentence above is correct - exposure compensation is using different settings than what the meter wants, to get a darker or brighter image. It doesn't matter whether you are choosing values for all the settings or you are delegating the setting of one or more to the camera, it's the deviation that matters and that's displayed the same way in all modes.

I'm not confused at all.  When a user writes something like "exposure compensation" in the same sentence as "manual mode", to me it is a red flag that the user doesn't understand some of the basics  (*).  And most likely, in my experience, there's a misconception somewhere, and what the user wrote is not really what is happening.  I hate going on wild goose chases, trying to troubleshoot a problem, when the original description of the problem turns out not to be accurate.

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