I looked through an optical viewfinder

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Re: I looked through an optical viewfinder

WaltKnapp wrote:

Muskiet wrote:

I'm a first time DSLR buyer and after looking through tons of reviews I bought myself an a77.

The EVF was for me one of the deal makers on this camera, because it does have some nice features and I do think at some point this will be the future.
Sony is doing something new with the OVF and have improved it greatly in the a77 from what I read and I can honestly say that every Nikon and Canon camera out there seems to me to be the norm for the last 10 years with nothing ever changing.

Sony is doing nothing at all with OVF, they don't produce SLRs any more, they produce cameras based on their Cybershot camera experience which are all EVF, quite a different thing. Sony did not change from Cybershot and their video in their viewfinder choice.

You did not buy a DSLR, you bought a quite different type of camera, a DSLT, the letters do mean something. You have no experience with DSLRs and won't gain any with the DSLT.

When I buy something new, I'd like it to be at the top for the next 10 and not at the top for the last 10 years with something new at the horizon that is about to replace it.

I take it GOD told you the future. I'll almost guarantee the DSLT design will be gone real quick now, probably within the next few years, while the DSLRs with continue their popularity.

I don't think EVF is perfect, I do not like how choppy and noisy the EVF gets in low light conditions and I do notice a lag which makes it hard to follow flying birds, but I do think I can get used to it like others are used to using an OVF all their lifes.

And a great majority have used both and are experienced with both. (unlike you who have experience with only one type of viewfinder and assume your choice is best they choose based on functional value as a viewfinder which they have experienced in lots of variety of photography. SLR with pentaprism viewfinders countinue to sell so well because in what's critical about a viewfinder ie your connection with the subject they are superior. People choose what works best, and by a far majority thats DSLRs, some of the reason includes their viewfinders.

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