Need some product lighting help...

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Re: Need some product lighting help...

Darrell Spreen wrote:

Duncan C wrote:

The recommendation for the book "Lighting, Science and Magic" is also a very good idea. (Sarcastic reply notwithstanding.) It will get you thinking about how to use light effectively.

I think your points and suggestions are all excellent and your reply is very thorough. I recall that many food photographers use a mist of oil to spray some hot foods to get the glisten that keeps them from looking dried out -- some tricks are used, in other words.

I reallize my sarcastic reply was not helpful, but I don't think "Lighting......." was nearly as useful to me as studying the photographs of the professionals who post on the following website (I had to look a while to find it as I haven't been back to it for years).

Unfortunately, a few of the photographers' links are no longer working.

I hope the OP has not become discouraged.

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Your reply was understandable, given the "turd on pasta" comment. That was uncalled-for.

I found the "Lighting, Science and magic" book to be very helpful, especially in my foray into jewelry photography. It really helped me learn how to manage reflections in glass and other shiny surfaces.

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