5N DOF problems/ maybe due to AF mode? Test Photos....Advice?

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Re: 5N DOF problems/ maybe due to AF mode? Test Photos....Advice?

BennyKingston wrote:

Yes I do believe that macro shots are the problem there.

I fully understand DOF and stopping down. I wanted to see what and how the AF grids reacted.

Camera can't read your mind. You present it with a subject with multiple equally interesting potential areas which can't be in focus at the same time, its gotta pick something.

Even if the camera were to put up a reassuring giant grid of squares, or one big square to convince you it's focusing, the boat can't be all in focus at the same time.

When you give the camera an impossible task, the AF grids react by "trying something else".

I could have shot those in manual. They were shot in IA.

if you had shot them with MF, you couldn't have done any better than the AF did. Only a thin section of boat can be in focus at that aperture. You can tell from the picture.

I wanted to see how the camera would choose the AF grid.

I have only shot around 50 shots so far in total with the 5N.

If you were to take over for the software in the camera, how would you have chosen the "focus grid" in that first picture when its impossible to have even 1/3 of the boat in focus at the same time?

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