May I ask owner of new 10-18mm

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Re: May I ask owner of new 10-18mm

malch wrote:

Jefftan wrote:

Are you happy with this lens?

Yes, it seems pretty good on my NEX-6. I do think it's overpriced but I feel the same way about most of the better Sony lenses.

It's sharp and fast with good color and contrast. Managing distortion can be a challenge but that's the nature of the beast whenever you go wider than 20-24mm.

Composing shots for an ultra-wide perspective is a tricky art that I certainly haven't mastered. But it's one you should be prepared to work at if you want to shoot the 10-18.

got it yesterday. Initial impressions are that it is a lot larger than I thought with a 62 mm thread. Zooming is somewhat anti-intuitive as the home position for the zoom is at 18mm (shortest length of lens barrel) and the "zoomed" position is the 10mm point (longest length of lens barrel). I'll get use to it even though to lengthen the barrel, you turn it counter-clockwise.

No profile for it in Light Room yet. Playing around with shots from f4 to f8 at 10 mm taken in my living room revealed that shots taken in a normal sized room didn't have a whole bunch of barrell distortion of things at a normal distance but a close in shot of a lightroom test patern had a lot. For the living room shots, I gave it a little distortion correction, a little vingnetting correction and a little bit more than a little CA corection. All shots were Raw so if you shoot JPG, you are probably good to go. I was surprised with it not having more barrell distortion. Keystoning distortion is there if the lens is off vertical but at 10mm, what do you expect?

Outside shots in the snow today were not a problem and I applied the same correction. Looking forward to either Adobe or someone comming up with a profile. Did not use the lens hood and had no problem with flare.


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