Canon SX50 vs Panasonic FZ200

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Re: canon looks rubbish

Kevin Coppalotti wrote:
Has Kenn Threed bought the new sx50 yet? He seemed to be the only guy who had good results with the sx canon series. What I've seen so far is rubbish, sorry no offence.

Hi all,

We've been shooting the SX50 for about 2 months now, and have done a few posts about it over on the Canon Powershot Talk forum:

We also have a dedicated SX50 Gallery now on Smugmug:!i=2292547872&k=n3nPWLP

We hope some of you will enjoy these.

A few here may know that we've used a variety of superzoom gear from Canon, Fuji, Sony, and Nikon to photograph our birds... and have written about most of this equipment in our blog . We've seen some excellent images posted here (by Kevin, Gary, and others ) using the FZ150 and FZ200 also, and we hope to have an opportunity to try these models as well.

All the small-sensor superzooms offer various qualities, handling, and feature sets which tend to make them better suited for some applications than others, and each model will likely be preferred by some users more than others for a wide variety of valid reasons. It's not difficult to take or find poor sample shots from any of them really. And certainly no camera assures superior images simply by virtue of its specifications. I'm sure we've all seen at least a few horrid images taken with expensive high-end gear. And we've all also seen some pretty dismal shots taken with whichever cameras we've chosen as the best for our own use. When comparing the quality of diverse images taken with similar and competing models though, I believe that what's in front of the camera, and who's behind it, nearly always has more impact on the results than the camera itself.

Happy New Year and good shooting to you all,

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