6D: how to separate metering from focus point?

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Re: 6D: how to separate metering from focus point?

Adrian Tung wrote:

Don't have a 6D, but I assume all Canons would behave this way:

First, separate AF and metering by using the AF On button for AF Start, and the shutter release button to Metering Start (or AE Lock, depending on your preference).

Secondly, each time you focus in one shot mode, release the AF On button *before* you half-press the shutter release button. By releasing the AF On button, metering should no longer be linked to whatever AF point you were using.

Note that by doing so, opening a RAW file taken this way in DPP will no longer show the active AF point.

Yes, you are 100%. That's the way to acheive what the OP wants.

However, I regard it as f*king stupid and it's something I REALLY hate about Canon's system. This dumb @rse way of calculating exposure also affected flash exposure until Canon introduced TTL II at which point the photographer could disable that crap. Only God in heaven knows why Canon didn't fix this idiotness for the ambient exposure too.

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