I looked through an optical viewfinder

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Re: So, I guess you'll be at the head of the line...

Filterless Sensor wrote:

Galaxy s III wrote:

cyainparadise wrote:

You are the kind of person that gives this forum a bad reputation. Ive also heard that this forum is in the process of cleaning up your type of poster. I hope this forum cleans it up fast.

LOL you heard that? I think the changes you speak of are going to make it better for everybody, not just those who think the sony forum is their home. I for one have not been banned in a good while, and I feel like I can speak my mind here. There is a big difference between trolls and people who don't praise a brand for mediocrity. I should be able to discuss my dissatisfaction with my SLT if I want without being harassed.

Seems as though the changes worked out for us too. If you are implying that appointed mods will magically make people who disagree with you disappear, you will be very disappointed. Welcome to DPR, by the way, what "type" of poster are you?

You have it all wrong. I said I heard this forum has alot of childish poster who like to bully their way around.

I made a general statement about " SOME" people live in the past.. I also eluded to Nikon and Canon living in the past. Ive seen a lot of old timers here claiming to be 40 years invested in Optical view finders. I never singled out anyone specifically. My statement was similar to the old adage " you cant teach an old dog new tricks"

When cyainparadise pointed me out and accused me "Specifically" and talked to me directly as If I had an artificial Christmas tree, just to antagonize me. This is against the rules. personal antagonistic response. I have no problem with anyone using an OVF. all I said was that some people will live in the past because they feel comfortable with it... that's a discussion. I also said that Canon and Nikon , who threw barbs at Sony for using Toy Viewfinders ( their words )as a gimmick, are now in the process of adding EVF to their line up./.. Point being, even Old dogs like Canon and Nikon are starting to think in the Future , not in the past.

I just started coming here , and I have seen what my friends have said about this forum.. luckily those who abuse the rules are becoming less and less. I believe this is due to DPreviews new stance on cleaning up this place.I don't know who does it, and I don't really care. I don't want to be the point of someones harassing. Ive don't nothing to this guy. Yet he feels its ok to single me out to harass.

I have nothing invested in this forum, if the majority of the people here where like cyainparadise, I would just move on because I don't need to be here and its no fun having some adolescent try to bully me or anyone , because he is sitting behind a computer monitor.

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