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Ursula Freer wrote:

Are the profiles on above printers interchangeable?

Unlikely as they use differing ink systems. Depending on your paper company, they should have up to date printer profiles for their papers for each of these printers. You'll find that the 3880 is widely adopted by artists and photographers and profiles are readily available.

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Steve Dell
Tucson AZ

Actually the R2880, R3000 and the PRO 3880 use exactly the same K3 Vivid Magenta inks.

The R2400 and PRO 3800 use the regular non Vivid Magenta K3 inks.

Still, the profiles are not interchagable.


Thanks so much, I have a lot of papers I bought previously from Hawk Mountain when I was printing with an HPZ3100 and they only have the 2880 profiles. I guess I'll give it a try.

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I tried 3880 profiles with the 9890 and was quite surprised by the difference. Both printers use the exact same ink set. You can try using 2880 profiles with your 3880, but I don’t think it will work that well.

You would probably be better using 3880 profiles for papers similar to the Hawk Mountain papers.

I don’t know if you are familiar with Ernst Dinkla’s Spectrum Viz app, but you can use it, amongst other things, to find papers of a similar whiteness and OBA content, Sometimes the spectral analysis shows two papers to be so close that they are obviously the same paper marketed under different brand names

Brian A

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