Canon SX50 vs Panasonic FZ200

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Susan Taylor
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Re: canon looks rubbish

Mikedigi wrote:

BubbaHotepUK wrote:

. . . . Canon are chasing people who buy cameras based on technical specs. . . .

Or relying on their name? The constant f2.8 is a photographer's thing, as you say.

Personally I would bet that the majority of people who buy a Canon anything have not compared camera features, they just know they have bought a Canon, and they probably buy a Dyson or Kirby vacuum cleaner, a Mercedes car, Duracell AA batteries, designer label clothing, and so on.

Plus a bricks-and-mortar retail outlet probably has the latest Canon on the shelf, but the last-but-one Lumix model. . . . .


I agree because I had to research before getting my Panasonic Lumix FZ150 as well as my ZS15. The few local stores that have cameras carry lots of Nikon, Canon, and Sony products.  But when it comes to Panasonic you're out of luck.  I refuse to get a camera because of name only; the features mean a lot more to me than the name.  Yes, I had to order both of my Panasonic cameras because even in this big city, no one had them.  Researching and reading about all cameras is very important. I won't ever just go on the name brand as my solution.

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