Best way to store pictures

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Re: Best way to store pictures

BobSC wrote:

Hardrives don't normally go bad sitting on a shelf. Even if they do, there is a plan B, in that there are companies that specalize in getting the data off them. I've been going through some drives that were made in the late 80's, checking to see if there is any data on them that I don't already have elsewhere. It's kind of a pain.

Hi Bob,

I agree that hard drives don't normally go bad sitting on a shelf.  I just recently thought of a better plan B than using a data retrieval service. (That can cost a fair amount of $)

From now on, I'll always buy two identical hard drives to hold backups.  If a HDD goes bad sitting on a shelf it will most likely be because the circuit board went bad.  Probably won't go bad because of the mechanics since HDDs are sealed with a micron level filter and modern HDDs park the heads off the platters.  By buying two identical HDDs, the circuit boards can be swapped if one goes bad sitting on the shelf (usually due to a capacitor going bad).

Using a data retrieval service has become plan C for me.


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