Need advice for NEX setup coming from P&S

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Re: Need advice for NEX setup coming from P&S

Sir Punk wrote:

so I have had a panasonic LX3 for the past 4 years, I took beautiful pictures with it, however I want to update to something with better IQ, video, and better OOC colors.

I do a lot of outdoors, landscape, nature pictures and some wildlife. I mainly do small prints and watch pics on TV/monitor.

I am willing to accept more weight/volume as a tradeoff but I am not sure if a 5n/5r would be the best choice for me.

The LX3 has a 24-60mm lens, I analyzed all my pictures with exposure plot and noticed that I mostly use the 24mm or the 60mm (this is probably because I want a longer tele), so all the prime lenses in between wouldn't serve my purpose. At this point I could either use a w/a legacy lens and a tele lens or the kit zoom lens. Since I prefer portability than the kit zoom might a better option. Also I like macros but I probably will have to crop with the NEX.

What do you guys suggest? I was thinking of getting a 5n body only and then the 16-50 but its expensive. Does the 5R have the same IQ as the 5N? I even thought about the nikon V1 as an alternative but I would have less IQ for cropping. Is a NEX unexploited without the use of legacy lenses?

I tried to post this this afternoon but this forum was broken.

The 16-50 does not work well on the 5n because of very slow shut down time ( 5 to 7 seconds) as verified on my 5n. The shut down time on my 6 is pretty quick so the 5r shutdown should be about what the 6 is. I like the 5n (but) I purchased the HLV F20S flash and the EVF for the 5n. These should be removed when you put it in your bag and if you fool around with the extras, you are doling out more than the 6 with the 16-50. If you don't care about a built in EVF, and a built in flash (which can be bounced, or the addition of a hot shoe, I would steer toward the 5R because of the slow shutdown on the 5n with 16-50.

I still like the 5n, even though I wish I had not purchased the extras for it. The 6 is larger in the hand and larger in a coat pocket. The 5n is remarkably small and if you can stand the 5 second shutdown time (the time it takes to retract the lens) then go with the 5n but for the size and performance of the 16-50, the 5r..... Just get the 6.


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