Hogan, Camera Critic, abandons long-time hiking partner Nikon DX in wilderness

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Re: My Hogan Prediction Post 2013

mosswings wrote:

Thom Hogan, respected author of numerous Nikon camera equipment guides and noted commentator on the camera industry, confirmed suspicions that his relationship with Nikon DX DSLRs, enstranged in recent months, has ended. Close friends and acquaintances had noted increasing hostility towards Nikon equipment in general and Nikon DX equipment in particular on his bythom.com website, culminating in the strikethough of his DX equipment list on that site's home page earlier this year and more frequent updating of posts on his newer website dedicated to mirrorless cameras, sansmirror.com.

Writing in a December 27th sansmirror.com blog post "Sansmirror Serious Camera of the Year ", Hogan acknowledged that the D7000 Nikon DX SLR he always partnered with on wilderness photo excursions had been replaced by a younger and more athletic Olympus OM-D EM-5. He specifically complained of DX's parents' growing lack of respect and its unwillingness to keep itself in shape, citing its persistently slow vision - never great - its steady weight gains, and its inability to perform significantly better than the Olympus in landscapes.

Apparently, Hogan has also now decided to engage in open relationships. He admits to spending most of his time at home, in urban settings, sports venues, and studios with the large-sensored cousins of the D7000, D600 and D800 Nikon FX, claiming that their performance there is far more satisfying even though they're far higher maintenance, have a serious weight problem, and can't see without extremely expensive prescription lenses. But the Olympus OM-D EM-5 is now always at his side when he ventures to his favorite environment, nature.

The Nikon DX family could not be reached for comment.

I find all the OM-D hoopla kind of funny.

Olympus made decent DSLR body's for many years but they never quite managed to produce a design to match the great line of  quality glass they produced...... after years of management blunders Oly finally ditched 4/3rds in 2009.

Then after 4 years  and 7 mediocre m4/3rds.... Oly finally produces 1 decent body, the OM-D EM-5 and for this Mr.Hogan switches from DX ????

Prediction:   If Hogan has indeed gone from DX to m4/3 I'm guessing that 2 years from now he will be complaining on his mirrorless site that Olympus is not fulfilling m4/3rds users needs, no significant progress in lineup, etc, etc.

To quote British Rocker's  the Who ....." Won't get fooled again"

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