Sony A57 OR Nikon D5100?

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You're confused

I'm not going to advise which camera you should buy, since I don't know what you plan to use your camera for, but your logic makes no sense.

  1. Sony is Minolta. Minolta, Nikon, and Canon were founded in 1928, 1917, and 1934, respectively. In terms of marketshare/commitment to the business, Sony makes more camera sensors, by revenue, than the next three players combined. 
  2. For low-light, it depends on what you're doing. The reason I mostly shoot Sony is because for what I do, in low light, Sony completely blows away Canon or Nikon. Because Sony has sensor stabilization, I can use f/1.4 stabilized lenses. For what I do, this gives me a 2-stop advantage in low-light over Canon. There are situations where Nikon comes out ahead -- if you're shooting high-speed motion, or using a tripod, Nikon will have a 1/2 stop advantage over Sony. 

Choice of camera depends on what you're doing. There are very good reasons to pick Nikon, as well as Canon. Your reasons aren't them.

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