Another one on resolution (Bayer vs. Foveon) - AND or OR?

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Re: The meaning of the word Troll and Foveon vs Bayer


The word Troll is derived from the word Trolling, which is a fishing method.

To Troll means to try to start a thread that is either out of topic or meaningless, i.e. Trolling for meaningless replies. A Troll seldom answers any of the replies.

The original phrase was "Trolling for newbies", which more or less means that a seasoned poster puts out an easy question that all in the forum already have discussed, except newbies. Then he can lean back and laugh at all stupid newbies the earnestly try to answer the question nobody wants an answer for.

Some people here (and in other forums) faulty think Trolls are some kind of attackers of the forum piece or something. But ... thats not the case. Have never been.

Real Trolls are quite rare in DPReview forums. I think I have only seen one last years, and I am not quite sure if it was here or in the Pentax SLR forum.

Some people here also call posters they dont like or disagree with for Trolls. Apart from being technically wrong, as there are no Trolls here, it also is quite unnecessary. Name calling is generally not all that constructive.

Bayer vs Foveon

The comparison between Bayer and Foveon is much more complex than you make it.

The number of pixels is important for the sensor IQ. The more pixels you have (until noise goes up too much) the better IQ. And generally its easier to make Bayer sensors with more pixels.

Also, the bigger the sensor is, the better the IQ. And --- there exist some FF 35 mm Bayer sensor cameras, and also medium format ones.

To be able to tell what camera is best, you have to consider the whole picture.

Moreover, there are limits to what you need. Most cameras today are perfectly fine for most users and uses. And it is generally much more important that you are careful when taking the image than what camera you use.

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