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Messier Object wrote:

CollBaxter wrote:
Until there is some major break through in physics a big good lens will wipe a small good lens. From that point mirror less will not be small and although there are advantages there are also disadvantages. So we land up with a dozen of one and 12 of anther.

Agree on this. And no amount of in-camera soft correction can recover details lost by diffraction softening

My perspective for what it's worth . . .

If the E-5 in 2010 had had a brand new sensor, rather than the 2008-technology Pano E-30 sensor they used, then we E-Xxx users wouldn't be so itchy for a new model and we would not be pressing Oly so hard for a new body to support 4/3 lenses. But the reality is the sensor in the E-5 is now 5 years old and is so far behind the OMD's Sony sensor that many users are starting to feel the need to upgrade. And some Oly DSLR shooters who just can't accept the small size and EVF of the OMD have jumped to canikon. The rest of us are holding out on a promise of something new later this year, or resigned to run out the shutter count of their current bodies into an uncertain 2nd hand future being content with the performance of what we have and what we can afford.

Collin, I am even more invested in 4/3 than you now that I have the ZD300. And I have to say that I can't ever see APS or FF giving me the reach/performance I get with 4/3 and the ZD300mm.

So I will wait for the EM-5Pro and I will adapt to it, or the one after that. In the meantime I keep shooting my E-5 and E-30s and I will get better at using the adjustment brush in LR4 to sweep away the noise from bright blue sky and under-wing shadow on my birds.

Now this might sound a bit odd, but I also have a new toy, a brand new 5D3 which will fill a big gap in my astro shooting. A 4/3 sensor can cover only 1/2 the image circle of my telescope and I dearly missed the FF capability of my OM system. I never wanted one of the dedicated astro imagers (like the SBIG etc) so I'd been looking for a clean 5D1 on ebay, and was keeping an eye on used 5D2 prices which had been coming down. Enter the wife (again) who hands me a wrapped box on Christmas night I really do need a private ebay account !

I'm not jumping ship. The Canon won't replace 4/3. I'll use it for astro, and with my OM macro system and of course video. And wow it can do in-camera stacking of 9 images to produce a combined raw - that alone will cut hours from my astro PP.

I have to say that the ISO performance of a modern FF camera, and the stellar AF of the 5D3 are something to behold. If by some miracle Canon can shave a kilogram off their EF 600mm f/4L before Oly has a new usable body for my ZD300 then I'm gone

HAPPY 2013 !!!


Howzit Peter.

Firstly A happy and prosperous new year to you and your family.

Secondly can we swop wives.

Congrats on the 5DIII . I played with one at my daughters  wedding its a fine bit of equipment. Yep for astro  stuff  you need lots of MP and as you say sensor coverage.

As to the Olympus stuff a ZD300 puts you into a whole new league compared to the rest of us.    Actually if I owned a ZD300 now I would be even more nervous than I am now. Being a wild life shooter you know the majority use C&N and in South Africa more C than N and these products are perfect for the type of stuff I do. Using Olympus has major advantages but also major disadvantages. Actually I could use my suit anthology quite well on the Olympus cameras in wild life.

The most frustrating point is 4/3 all there just waiting for the camera or sensor to put it on a equal footing with the other systems ( Wildlife Nature) . But we now have this impasse. As to the promise well Olympus had better hold to it because if they don't it will cause then major problems down the line as to product acceptance and loyalty. We will just have to wait and see.

In the mean time enjoy all your cameras.

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