Questions about legacy Zuiko macro lenses and OM-M43 adapters...

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Re: Questions about legacy Zuiko macro lenses and OM-M43 adapters...

KSP1138 wrote:

I really want to get back to nature with my new OM-D. Kicking myself for selling off all my old legacy OM macro lenses. Seemed at the time someone told me that, since they were not 'optimized' for digital, I would be better off image quality-wise with newer "Digital" lenses.

Is this still regarded as true?

I am on the precipice of reacquiring my 90/2, 135/4.5, 180/2.8 and maybe even the 300/f.5. The last three of these I used to good effect with the telescopic auto tube. Can I expect good results with these older lenses?

What happens to the overall "functionality" of these legacies when you add the extra length of the MF-2 Zuiko to M43 adapter? I assume they work OK in A mode, but are their any other caveats?



I think most macro lenses hold up well because even though they are older lenses with often inferior coatings, because they are generally optically very good.

That said, you might want to check out the new Olympus 60mm 2.8. It seems to be a very good performer, is small, light, has AF and is weather sealed to go with your OMD. The cost of those old Zuiko's you're considering is nothing to scoff at, so I would seriously look at the 60/2.8 as well.

The old zuikos will of course give you an angle of view/equivalent focal length of 2x, so you're talking 180mm, 270mm, 360mm and 600mm respectively, while the 60/2.8 will give you a more reasonable FL of 120mm.

One great thing with the OMD is you can set the lenses focal length on the camera and the IBIS will work just like native lenses (and give you a stalized view with half press if you have that option enabled), which will be a huge help with the longer focal lengths and using manual focus.

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