What is the best way to clean lens glass?

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Re: What is the best way to clean lens glass?

The best thing I've ever used is a "chamois" leather such as this one


It's actually lambskin but it amounts to the same thing. Now, we all remember "chammy" leather for cleaning car windshields and I was skeptical when offered this at a local camera store. Seeing my hesitation, the salesguy took down a big, brand-new, expensive Nikon zoom lens off the shelf and put a big, greasy, smudgy thumb print right in the middle of the front element. He then used one of these to bring the glass back to spotless - no smears, smudges or anything else.

I was convinced and have since used it without hesitation on all my L glass including my 200mm F2.  It's highly absorbent so leaves no smears like lens cleaning tissue.

You've also had recommendations for Lens Pen which has pads made of the same (or very similar) material and these are very good for getting into corners where a cloth like this can't reach.

blogan wrote:

i have literally tried everything, from special polishing cloths to 100% cotton T-shirts to kleenex. I can't seem to get the smudges off. Anything I do just seems to exacerbate or further spread around the smudges. Dust is not the problem, just the smudges.

They don't appear to be showing in photos but it is just bothersome and the only way you can even see them on the lens is when I use a mag lite right on the lens. So to look at the lens under normal conditions it looks fine.


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