I demand we ban buses, or bus drivers or icy roads.

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Re: I demand we ban buses, or bus drivers or icy roads.

Brian wrote:

Mouser wrote:

Brian wrote:  [snip]

I have some doubts about your statistics.   [snip]

I got the mass murder stat from wikipedia for mass murders over 4 victims in the past 100 years.

Yep, that's why I have a problem with your numbers.  How about looking at recent history, rather than taking an average of the last 100 years.  I don't think any crime stats from before World War I, for example, are particularly representative of America in the 21st century - do you?

the 45k auto related deaths comes from the cdc website.

Addressing mass murders is futile. it is a dumb thing to throw money at. As long as there is access to fire arms mass murders will get their hands on them and use them. a couple of pistols and a pair of pump action shot guns could cause more devastation than one would like to imagine. How would you prevent a mass murder from getting his hands on those common objects?

If you live in the UK those "common objects" you mentioned are totally illegal.  There has been just one mass shooting here in the 15 years since handguns were totally banned, and at least 40 in the US over the same time period.

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