I looked through an optical viewfinder

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Re: I looked through an optical viewfinder

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danny006 wrote:

Whenever I look through an OVF it always feels like its broken and feels like technology from the previous century. I don't say an EVF is superior in every way - for instance - photo journalists who rely on that one second to take a picture, the slight delay with an EVF can be problematic. But I like my A77 EVF and it would feel strange if I got back to an OVF.

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You got that right. That was my feeling, I just couldn't put it in words. It felt a bit old-ish...

Funny, I thought exactly the opposite when I realized an EVF cannot even display the full DR of a measly 8bit jpeg file, let alone the 14bit raws I shoot on my IIs. NO THANKS!

I then realized that the OVF shows too much DR (as much as your eyes can take). Less is being captured actually. So, neither one is perfect. And all I said was I like the EVF better - personally.

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