I looked through an optical viewfinder

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Re: I looked through an optical viewfinder

Samsolar wrote:

As a photojournalist I have no problem using an SLR with a EVL, fact is not that I have been using it for the last six months I have no intension of going back. I shoot sports and in low light with a flash I see a bright image in the viewfinder that allows me to frame my shoots. I shoot manual exposure 90% of the time now because I can see what the photo will be before I even pull the trigger. While there is an slight annoying lag I have learned how to shoot around it. No camera is perfect. I do not intend to get into a arguement over EVL vs OLV so this will be my only post on this subject. Good luck shooting what you have and know. Hi Walt.

Hi Samsolar

When it's admitted that folks that use OVF have no problem with shooting with their viewfinder we might be somewhere. Or that there are a huge number that choose OVF and not because it's been around a while but because it works. It will not happen in this group, far more unbiased opinions are to be found talking to Canon or Nikon shooters than Sony shooters.  Maybe because they are on average more experienced.  And we tend to talk photography rather than some brand worship or equipment ego. I can talk long tele with someone holding a Nikon or Canon with a lens for nature photography while I'm holding a Sony lens I'm using for nature photography and we never once mention our brand or any brand, we talk photography.

BTW, I can shoot with EVF too and do have EVF equipped cameras I regularily use, I have and know both types of viewfinders and more types besides.  EVF is a very annoying viewfinder for nature shooting, but by taking on a lot more stress than OVF gives me I can do some of what I can do with OVF with one.  That does not make EVF the ideal choice for nature shooting, however. More like a extra challenge that might at times increase my satisfaction with a particularily difficult shot with the EVF that would have been easy with the OVF.

I have used EVF and have every intention to go with OVF SLRs as long as I can have one.  And that's likely to be a very, very long time. My SLR is a SLR, not some imitation with flaws for actual critical viewfinder use.  a700s are excellent cameras for my nature photography, they are true SLRs with quality pentaprism optical viewfinders that are very good.  Easy to use for photography.

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