spyder 4 calibration and prints still too dark

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Re: spyder 4 calibration and prints still too dark

steveohim wrote:

i have just calibrated my sony vaio laptop monitor using a spyder 4 express tool.i was assuming that once calibrated i just choose the spyder profile in lightroom and that would be the end of it,but no they still come out dark,in lightroom when it says if using a custom profile make sure colour management in printer settings is off.so that i did and they came out dark.so i started experimenting with printer settings.the only settings that come close to what i see on the screen is having colour management on and have the colour to epson standard with a gamma of 2.2. i was assuming that the spyder profile in lightroom was going to print exactly what was on the screen.

so basically i could do all this before i wasted £80 on a spyder.what am i doing wrong?

There are different calibrations for different uses.  Your screen is too bright so your prints are too dark.  Try something like 5000k (d50) , an intensity of about 120cd/m and native contrast ratio.

At this point your screen will look warm and somewhat murky - you'll also be closer to a better print.  These numbers aren't the absolute (particularly with a laptop screen) but they should get you in the ballpark.

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