I looked through an optical viewfinder

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Re: I looked through an optical viewfinder

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

Low light framerate is more useful than a relatively dark OVF. It is also more useful when I'm relying on self to adjust exposure rather than relying entirely on the camera via adapted lenses. It is more useful with information without having to take my eyes from VF.

I do a lot of my nature photography in the middle of the night, even on cloudy moonless nights using a OVF.  And I don't have a EVF ruining my night vision which is necessary to the process.  You so clearly have a long way to go in your learning process. EVF is not helping you to learn.

The exposure is already taken care of long before I'm using the viewfinder for framing the moving subjects and checking focus under such conditions. No viewfinder needed for that once you gain a little experience.

If you are machine gunning you did not have a tool that was allowing you to see the critical moment that makes the photo, you were blasting away and hoping as your EVF is no good at critical moment tracking, which is far more important to viewfinder use than exposure setting which does not require the viewfinder at all.

There are very good reasons why the majority of upper end folks choose OVF for their photography, because it does the essential things better than EVF. No list of non essential viewfinder uses changes that.

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