I looked through an optical viewfinder

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Re: I looked through an optical viewfinder

Eric Perez wrote:

GalaxyIII wrote:

Many old dogs are reluctant to give up the past, when it comes to OVF vs. EVF. "Some" of those old dogs are Canon and Nikon, not to mention their fan base. "Some" of those very people are hanging on to their Beta Max recorder, 8 track tape player, and Laser disk recorder, and bell bottom pants, and disco music.

This kind of reasoning is flawed though. I started with a SLT camera, used 2 others along the way, and finally settled on a different brand with a pentaprism. I think it's irresponsible and actually insulting to accuse another person you don't know (your words were "their fan base") of using an OVF because they are stuck in the past. I am proof that is not the case, I am in my 30s, have only been shooting for a few years, and tried EVFs first. There are other reasons people prefer OVF besides mental issues, some of us actually base it on actual reasons, as odd as that may sound.

I said " SOME" and I did not single out a single person or even elude to anyone specific. I made general statement about general people, you are trying to escalate my generalized statement to include specific people

You said: "accuse another person that you don't even know" , as if I was singling out a specific person.. which is not true.

6 months ago Canon ands Nikon ( I guess they were stuck in the past )were saying that the Sony's EVF was a toy. Now Nikon and Canon are adding " toys " to their line up as well. ( Guess they have seen that their past is Not their future.)

Flawed as my Hypothesis might be, I think the only thing irresponsible and rude was your post to me. IM new here and you are the only person who has lived up to the reputation this forum has developed out in the real world. I have been pleasantly surprised that this has not been the case since Ive been here. At Least not until your comments. Calling me rude and irresponsible without foundation is what my friends were eluding too about this forum. I'm happy you are in the minority.

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