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Karel Osten wrote:

Happy New Year.

I'm glad to hear that the site isn't living up to it's reputation so far. In terms of the pricing of the A99 I wouldn't call it "gouging", that implies that there's no competitive choice. Who knows how the marketing departments come up with their pricing, I'll bet that Sony will sell a lot less A99s than Nikon will sell D600s or Canon will sell 6Ds. As an example of a marketing fiasco have a look what Sigma went through with the SD1.

I don't think that the A99 is in the same league although I do expect the price to drop with time as with all cameras. Likewise in the US Sony (and the other camera makers) have promotions from time to time.

In terms of value it's hard to say that the A99 is correctly priced. I look at it from another angle, I'm amazed with the capabilities of today's cameras, they are incredible tools and examples of technology and innovation that allow amateurs and professionals alike to produce high quality images. Compared to the prices were being charged 5 or 10 years ago the performance per $$$ is outstanding. In short if you get a camera system that ticks your boxes and you enjoy using to produce the sort of results that you expect for a price that you can afford why worry if brand X is a bit cheaper? Life's short.

I haven't handled the A99 but there seem to be a good number of happy users out there. From what I can see with Sony's other models they have made good progress in terms of ergonomics. It may not be easy for you to get a camera in the hand but there's nothing quite like trying one out. All the specifications in the world are meaningless if it doesn't feel "right" and what that means is a very individual thing. That was one reason why I went with the KM 5D over the Canon equivalent despite the fact that I was a Canon film SLR user. Recently I tried out the Nikon D600 and didn't like it at all despite the fact that it's a very capable camera. I found the D800 better for me, not that I would want to lug it around.

On another note you appear to have decided on a DLSR/DSLT as opposed to mirrorless camera, is this a deliberate choice? There are an increasing number of very capable mirrorless cameras out there including from Sony, Fuji and Olympus.


I haven't decided on anything yet, but I am leaning toward the A99. I have not ruled out Nikon yet.

A few days ago, Sony was at the bottom of my list. Canon was on top , with Nikon in the middle. While I am sure Canon and Nikon are great cameras, For me Canon is more Pro focused, IM not a pro and do not aspire to be one.. I don't need replacement bodies or Pro support. Nikon makes great cameras with good specs, so its still in the mix. No one but Sony has articulating LCD's which is something that would make my photography much more comfortable, I have bad knees and can get down easily enough, its the getting up part that's the problem. With the Sony I can get those low angle shots and the over the head shots too without guessing the composition.

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