Deal: Pentax Q prime kit for $199

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Re: Deal: Pentax Q prime kit for $199

The 48mm is a handsome (and heavy) well made lens.  Wide open, it is best for videography (son's Lacrosse games, for instance) - otherwise it is soft until you get to f4+.  There seems to be some light reflection internally (or maybe thats just the softness), as there are some exposed chrome bits lifted off the mount when you use a c-mount adapter.  I use one of the e-bay $20 adapters, and it focuses fine.. or as fine as its gonna get.  No Shim.  Am on the fence about keeping it - less high school lacrosse in the future, so I really won't have a need for it.

GXRuser wrote:

jgoring wrote:

Well.. Oddly good timing. Dropped my Q on a mountain road a few days ago and knocked the front element or two on the 01 lens out of kilter. The 01 alone would have cost more than 250 IF I could have found it. So... Now I have a spare body. I can sport the action photographer look with two Qs slung around my neck, one with the 01 and the other with the Pentax CCD 48mm 1.1 tele... Yeah baby!

What has been your experience with the Pentax CCD 48mm f1.1?

Any problems with proper focus when mounted on a C mount adapter?

Did you have to shim?

Which C mount adapter are you using?

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