I looked through an optical viewfinder

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I am confuse with your statement...

You said: "every time you take a shot, it either always shows you a preview or never, depending on settings. I don't own the D800 and never shot with it, so I'm just guessing this point, so correct me if I'm wrong. But on the A700 there is no preview if you don't move your eye away from the viewfinder, and on the a57 you see (or don't) a picture that was just taken, depending on your selection".

I suppose you are talking about live view (something I have never used with anyone of my DSLR cameras only with my P&S and only because I have no other option) because in regular photos an OVF camera always shows you exactly what you are looking except for the micro second that it goes black when taking the photo (due to the change of position of the mirror). And that's really a very small amount of time speially if shooting at 1/500 sec or faster. The EVF cameras are the ones that continue showing an image even when you are taking the photos, although not really of image that you are capturing while pressing the shutter button, but of the last "video image" that she was able to capture before you actually pushed the shutter button.

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