Latest rumor from Sony Alpha rumors - A/E FF Mirrorless

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Re: Latest rumor from Sony Alpha rumors - A/E FF Mirrorless

Smartypants wrote:

The rumor of a combo A/E hybrid mount full-frame mirrorless camera is back, this time with a SR5 stamp of certainty.

Don’t hold your breath or even delay buying a real camera if you need one as this camera is rumored for the year 2014 with not a 36MP maybe a 30MP sensor.

This rumor has again opened the wound if uncertainty on that fourm about Sony’s short-term and long-term plans for the A-Mount now that the excitement of the a99 has settled and sales have plummeted.

The last few years Sony going from a very nice OVF on the a850/a900 that didn’t do well in the marketplace to the EVF/SLT that didn’t do much better in the marketplace to the new NEX platform with too few quality lens and a RX1 for $2,800.00 ++++ Sony can’t seem to focus (no pun intended).

It to bad as Sony does have great ideas!

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It' questionable if Sony ideas are all that great when they don't improve sales and are beaten by the majority sales which are of the things they drop, like OVF. Ultimately how great their ideas is determined by the marketplace, where they are not doing at all well.

It's time to ask if they would have done better with their new sensors and few improvements put in a OVF DSLR that they really supported.  Cybershot style features and functions, unnecessary cost cutting of essentials and video games don't compete that well with photographers looking for quality still photography top end tools.  Sony is good at dropping essential parts of photography and no matter how unique or fancy the other stuff the dropping drops them from the market.

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