What is wrong with this Minolta lens?

Started Dec 31, 2012 | Questions thread
WaltKnapp Forum Pro • Posts: 13,857
Re: What is wrong with this Minolta lens?
It is an a77 so both lenses should be equivalent when they are both set to 35mm (i.e. 52.5mm). Anyway its a shame you can't see the pictures (although I see them in your reply!!) as this is not a focus or micro adjustment problem. 
The focus on the two shots is significantly different. The first shot is focused much farther behind the foreground bush than the second, though both are farther behind, look at the sharpness of the background.
Not knowing exactly what PP you did afterwards and what settings exactly you had throughout the camera it's hard to tell the cause of the apparent low contrast overexposure of the first shot, or the oversharpening in the second.
There is a lot more to optics and photography than just the zoom setting...
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