Gray Market Lens Repair, Serial Numbers, etc.

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Re: Gray Market Lens Repair, Serial Numbers, etc.

bab99 wrote:

... Nikon USA ... You shouldn't blame them for putting this is writing, to protect themselves from situations involving the repair of equipment that they didn't sell but which could cost them money...

I'm not "blaming" anyone. I just want a straight, definitive answer to my original question and an assurance that something can be fixed. None of us seem to really know the answer. Not faulting anyone here. It's just a sad state of affairs.

... it is my understanding that they can and usually do fix Nikon equipment that is grey market, they just don't want to admit it, talk about it, or make it their policy.

OK. What is the basis of your understanding? And what kind of company is Nikon USA to have a policy and an unwritten policy at the same time. This is really bizarre.

So it does no good to ask them, or the gray market dealers, because you won't get a straight answer.

Terrific ....

If your question were about purchasing new grey market ...

It's not.

... my guess is that you probably can get it fixed at Melville or LA if you don't tell them it is grey, but there's no assurance of that ...

Don't tell them it's gray market? Seriously???? Bruce .... please ... understand what Nikon told me on the phone -  they check the serial numbers when an item comes in for service to see if it's a gray market item. They have that information in a database that we don't have access to. Again, don't kill the messenger, I'm only restating what a Nikon service rep told me on the phone.

... as far as determining whether a Nikon is grey or not, I've not tried calling Nikon USA with a serial number.

I did.

Hello? Canon? ....

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