Nikon 24-70 2.8 Best Lens in the World?

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Re: Nikon 24-70 2.8 SIGMA

CeleryBeats wrote:

Hermy wrote:

I was cheap and bought a Sigma for a try, not overly happy with it, and now wanting to get the Nikon, some guys worry about not having VR, if the pics are sharp why worry about VR sounds like you don't even need it.

How i work. Vc is irrelevant. its not a lens you buy for snapshots. vc is good for facebook snspshots. no reason to drop below 1/60 if you are eeally serious about good photos.

Exactly. It seems that people is forgetting one crucial thing: AF speed. The Nikkor is much better than the Tamron, especially in low light. I know because I had the Tamron before the Nikkor.

VC is for amateurs. Pros use flash and/or high shutter speeds to freeze action (weddings, ...)

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