How to cut a roll of paper

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Re: How to cut a roll of paper

Hi !

<If you need to keep the costs pr print at a low rate,  buy a bigger printer, wich handles rolls, and bigger cartridges.>
That is probably the best advise so far.  
If you want to print on your roll paper with epson cutsheet printer,  you have to decurl the paper.
The end will curl and touch the printerhead wich leave spots on your print.
If you still want to do it,  I would recommend you to take blade of the circlesaw, grind off all teeth, and sharpen it carefully with just some small "bumps" as teeth.

then MAYBE you will be able to get a nice cut

It will take a lot of time, and effort.  Maybe you should sell the paperroll, and buy some cutcheets?
It will probably save you for a lot of failed prints. Wich will consume your ink..  
I tried to use only paper from rolls on my epson 3880.  Now i bought a 7900.  
Best Regards


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