Have you kept all your old cameras ? and why ?.. and if not..

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Re: Have you kept all your old cameras ? and why ?.. and if not..Naw...no regrets...

Steve wrote:

If so.. why did you ?

for nostalgia ?. does each camera has a history ?

do you still use one of them for certain circumstances ?

I had all kinds of consumer cams, Praktica , Minolta, canon,

got rid of them all...

what kills me is that i sold a ZENIT E !!!

dumb move. seems like it was a cheap camera but was used by professional russian photographers..

and i had a ENLARGER which came ... get this.. .in its on little suitcase !

yep. you'd open the suitcase up and you would construct your enlarge from all the pieces inside. sort of a portable enlarger you could carry from one place to another..

no idea the reason behind this item. maybe people in the 'old days' would carry this to girlfriend's houses to shoot and develop xxx photos..

(does anyone know about this enlarger ?)

anyway, i may be xfering into micro 4/3rd.. i hope i have the brains to keep my d7000/18-200/50mm,etc..etc.



Been using one camera or another since about 1948...started with a Brownie box camera...

I guess I never grew particularly attached to the gear, including darkroom equipment...

I managed to sell everything that wouldn't carry over to the next generation or brand...

At any point in time, I never had much more than a SLR and 2-3 lenses, along with an Olympus XA pocket camera.  Early on when the digital revolution came along, everything but one nice Nikkor lens went out on e-bay...

Now my only eqpt is a D90, and 3 lenses, dedicated flash...that's it.

And I still have to submit a business case to my wife for anything 'extra.'!!  Geezz!!!


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