Mark ll,6D, or 5D that is the question ?

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Re: Mark ll,6D, or 5D that is the question ?

Wifi and GPS are great additions to the 6D.  I had one, but returned it and got the cheaper MKII.  The 6D is a great cam.  Its interface is simpler, and more intuitive, then the MKII.  Its lighter and smaller then the MKII.  The sensor has no banding at any ISO and its high ISO is marginally better.  AF is the same... paltry at best, but the center point is significantly more sensitive to light, though no quicker to focus :(.  That said, I just could not get over the fact that the MKII is $500 less.  It offers an all metal body which IMO makes it feel more expensive and durable, of course this is subjective.  The interface is good enough, especially the joystick which I do find easier to use then the clumsy pad built into the wheel on the 6D (also subjective).  It does have a 1/8000 shutter, which has come in handy for me at dog parks.  ISO is manageable if your not pushing the shadows too hard at which point banding becomes noticeable.  The only gadget that I truly miss is the wifi.  It truly is a stroke of genius when paired with Canons app and I honestly believe that if Canon had not discontinued the MKII, the wifi would have been the only thing propping up the 6Ds sales numbers. As it stands, its a good reason to even choose it over the D600.  Kudos to Canon.  However, in the end, I decided to live without it and pop $500 more on a good lens (70-200 f4 non-IS

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