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vkyr2 wrote:

Agreed, it would be easy to fix this via a firmware update, but hey then they would loose something to emphasize for their V2 feature list and possibly also loose you as a potential V2 upgrade buyer.

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The thing is, they might lose out on some profit from existing Nikon users if they were to do things right the first time, or fix them afterwards via firmware updates, but then they'd probably make up that lost profit and more by stealing market share away from their competitors. It's amazing how no camera company can get these very basic things right, over and over and over again. Seriously, they could take anyone from this board, pay them $50,000 a year and solve all these problems at once. Then Nikon would kill its competition and make tons of money.

All the criticisms about the V1 didn't make me go out and buy it, then upgrade to a bunch of other later cameras to fix the problems. Instead I waited over a year until they were on fire sale, then Nikon's profit margin goes down. They LOST my sales because of these shenanigans, they didn't attract it. These things make me a hesitant buyer. Whether I'm typical of the market or not, I don't know, but it seems they have a lot of backlogged V1 units they're trying to get rid of, for prices way below when they first came out. That can't be good for profit.

If they had done it right the first time I would have probably forked over $600 for one. There's no way I'd buy a V2 until they come down to today's V1 price.

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