Being coerced to shoot a wedding. I need HELP! Please chime in.

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Re: I disagree.

garykohs wrote:

Sony Alpha Shooter wrote:

foot wrote:

it sounds to methat they have already a good idea of how much they would

spend on an experienced pro - so basically they are tryin to take advantag of

your good nature and manipulte you

some clients you don't want - they will continue manipulating you

and don't care to respect your value or boundaries

you might want to ask this in the "Pro Digital Talk" forum on this site


I also did the baptism for her sisters are on to something and have pretty much reaffirmed what I have been thinking all along. Thank you.

I think you are being paid a supreme compliment. After seeing your work with their precious engagement photos they want you to shoot their wedding. Unless these people are in dire financial straights that must mean they love your work.

Don't assume the worst. What are the circumstances around which you did their engagement photos for free? Since you are neighbors it's likely that you will be invited to the wedding and inviting you and not asking you to shoot the wedding would be an insult in their minds.

I think that simple honesty is the best policy and thus far you have not been honest with them. Talk to them. Non photographers simply have no idea how much work is involved with something like this. They think you snap those pictures and download them to your computer and order prints. That's what they do with their digital cameras. They think your pictures are so good because your camera is better than theirs. Explain to them the pressure involved. Nothing wrong with that; it's only pressure because you care about them and their memories of their precious day. Tell them about how long it will take to process the pictures. Recommend a pro photographer and tell them you would be glad to help and take extra photos.

I'm sure you can work this out. In the final analysis though it's not worth alienating a friend and neighbor to save yourself from doing the wedding. Let them know that the post processing is going to take weeks not days, give it your best shot and try to make your photos special in a way that only someone who knows the couple can accomplish. Then make sure to tell them that from now on you are charging $4,000.

All very good points.  I will be as honest as I can be in my response to her today.  It is hard to take it as a supreme compliment when it is too easy to automatically think the worst as I have done already.  Kind of pigheaded in a way...shame on myself.

I know I am capable of handling this on my own but wasn't sure of the right way to go about it.  I appreciate everyone's insight so far.  This is how we learn, right?

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