Being coerced to shoot a wedding. I need HELP! Please chime in.

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Don't do it!!

My suggestion: don't do it! It can only lead to headache -- because everyone always wants weddings, and wedding pictures, to be perfect. And it can lead to liability, especially if you charge.

If you really WANT to do it, here's what I would do. Since you don't have any wedding experience, just do it for free. (You really don't have a right to charge, IMHO.) Nevertheless, make the people enter into a contract. The contract should state specifically that you are not an experienced wedding photographer and you recommended that they hire a professional. State clearly that you are doing this solely as a favor for them. In return, they agree that you will not be liable to them for any reason, and that they have to reimburse you for everything (attorneys' fees as well as verdicts) if you are sued by them or anyone else for anything related to the wedding. Then specify some situations for which you cannot be held responsible, including poor quality photos, missed photos -- even no photos resulting from equipment failure or loss, or your inability to attend because of illness or other reasons. In other words, make it clear that they can expect nothing from you. If they still want to go ahead, then I would do it.

Anyway, those are the terms on which I shot a friend's daughter's bat mitzvah. I was really excited to do it, but only as a last resort, with the understanding that I was unqualified, and with no risk of liability.

But with a wedding?  I think it's safer to JUST SAY NO!

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