What is wrong with this Minolta lens?

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Re: What is wrong with this Minolta lens?

Calico Jack wrote:

Hi there Stelios,

What camera are you using? I'm guessing a cropped sensor as the 16-50mm is a DT APS-C lens and shouldn't be used on a FF body, so that being the case, the 35-105mm is actually 52.5mm-157.5mm equivalent on an APS-C camera (assuming it's a cropped sensor model), thus the 16-50mm and 35-105 will be different. Notwithstanding, if you have micro lens adjust on your camera, older FF lenses may need adjusting using LMA as no lens will be perfect on all bodies as there will always be minute differences due to the alignment of the camera's sensor, so you can also experience either back or front focus, though not necessarily in all cases.

In short, if you're getting clean images at the various focal lengths and apertures, I don't think there's anything to worry about. Your image links don't work BTW so cannot see what you're referring to.

35mm on the Minolta is actually 52.5mm on an APS-C camera, so you won't be able to compare the two anyway as the 16-50mm is maxed out at 50mm and at 35mm (52.5mm) on the Minolta, so there will be a 2.5mm focal length difference when the 16-50mm is at 50mm and the 35-105mm is at 35mm. I hope that might clarify things a bit for you, but if not, post back.

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Mark @ Sonolta * Photography

Hi Mark,

It is an a77 so both lenses should be equivalent when they are both set to 35mm (i.e. 52.5mm).  Anyway its a shame you can't see the pictures (although I see them in your reply!!) as this is not a focus or micro adjustment problem.  There is something seriously wrong with this lens.


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