Micro four thirds - does the crop factor apply to MFT lenses as well?

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You are right, this is an important point
Also, wouldn't you have to admit that the idea of FF having an inherent 2 stop advantage in noise levels needs to be qualified a bit? At a physics level this may be the case. At the point of final observable image things are changing due to improvements in sensor technology and in camera processing capability. Most people are going to rely on a visual comparison between formats.If, to their own eye they don't see a difference that DxO mark says exists, or the difference isn't objectionable, (as in low noise with smeared pixels vs higher noise but sharper pixels) then the lab data simply serves to confuse them.
Since photography is a visual medium and much of what we see is based on perception, then our assessment of IQ is also relative to what we perceive. IE: "Sharpening" a photo isn't really increasing the absolute resolution. It's altering the contrast at a pixel level to give the perception of increased sharpness. Noise reduction applications don't actually reduce noise: they overlay noise pixels with clones of existing image pixels to reduce the ´╗┐visual ´╗┐impact of the noise. But explaining all this outside of a class on photo editors is cumbersome and something most people don't care about.

I am in process of buying a camera and I really love the Panasonic Lumix GH3 but after seeing all the equivalent calculations (especially the x4 ISO equivalent), I am really disappointed. I could probably manage to spend more on a better lens with lower aperture so the MFT loss is covered but I hate to see a 4 times higher ISO for MFT. Now when I compare the image qualities, between an FF and an MFT, I think their noise levels are not very different. So, the final image seems to be more important than the mathematics behind all the sensors, etc.

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