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Re: Just more speculation from a m4/3 adopter

Dave, Apologies for the late reply.

I have been reading these forums since 2006 and only started posting recently.

Look back at the people posting from then who have moved on.

I still own an Olympus E400, E3, E620 and E30 and eight lenses as well as a developing M43 system.

I think you failed to understand 'my rant'.

I personally would buy an Olympus DSLR (as long as it was not E5 size) if they were to introduce one. However Oly have limited resources and M43 is outselling fourthirds by a huge margin. Lots of Canikon people are moving across and it is popular.

So why would a CEO or board of a (financially threatened) company give the go ahead  to produce a camera (exclusively) for an unpopular system with a shrinking user base for which they are highly unlikely to make money from ?

Unless you think there are a huge base of Olympus DSLR users waiting to jump back into the system ?

As far as lenses go you fail to realise that SHG lenses that are big and heavy contradicted the whole reason that Olympus chose their smaller sensor. If I wanted to carry around lenses that big I would buy a FF camera and get far superior results at the same price.

Olympus has failed with four thirds.  I think it's a shame but it's partly of their own making.

This refusal to accept that (based on your comments)  is rather tragic

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