Being coerced to shoot a wedding. I need HELP! Please chime in.

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Re: Being coerced to shoot a wedding. I need HELP! Please chime in.

Slick Fork wrote:

Tough situation, I think there's a couple of ways you can handle this.

2) Charge them. Find out what a going rate is for photographers in your area and charge them 75% of that rate. Tell them the discount is due to your inexperience and you're excited to get your feet wet.

The problem with charging is that you then have a 'contract', and if you haven't written it down, the OP could be sued if he doesn't produce. There is less expectation if the compensation is for free food and drink, but if there is money involved, then the OP could be in hot water.

I've done a few weddings, both as a supplemental photographer, and once as the main photographer. The one where I was the main photographer (which was done in the days of film), I didn't charge anything, but the couple paid for the film and I turned the exposed rolls over to them for processing. And, they could do whatever they wanted with the pictures, as I waived my copyright to them. They did give me some money after the wedding.

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