Memory and other upgrades for photo editing

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My first thought...

MikeFromMesa wrote:

Jim Cockfield wrote:

In any event, the more memory the better in most cases, since the OS can use memory that your programs don't need for disk cache purposes, speeding up access to programs, libraries, and files that are still in memory the next time you access them (so that the OS doesn't need to read the disk to get them instead).

I had no doubt it would work (upgrading to 16GB using 2x8GB sticks of that memory) based on reports I've seen from other Dell owners. So, I'm glad you took advantage of that kind of upgrade (as that's a really inexpensive way to get better performance since memory prices are so very low now).

Let us hope so. I had a BSOD this morning and I have not had one of those since I replaced the 1 TB internal drive I had added to my machine with the original 500 GB drive.

If you have not had a BOSD in a long time. I would suspect the last thing you changed... and that would be the ram. It could be anything but the first thing in troubleshooting is, did this just start happening? yes... Did you make any hardware, software, firmware, driver changes? Yes I upgraded my ram... things that make you go hmm.

I would not upgrade any more drivers, firmware, hardware, or software, that just makes it more complicated, if these things worked before, it is likely they will continue working and you should look to changes first. IMHO.

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